Poole and Bournemouth Stamp & Postcard Club (Founded 1967)

Affiliated to the Association of British Philatelic Societies


The Somerset & Dorset Philatelic Federation

Meetings are held at 7:30pm on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Upton Community Centre,
Poole Road, Upton, Poole BH16 5JA (see map at bottom of page)

To contact the Publicity Officer e-mail chriswheeler07@btinternet.com


Car park at Upton Community Centre
and St Dunstan's Church, Upton, Poole

Club Programme for 2018-2019 Year

September 6th Autumn Auction

September 8th

ANNUAL STAMP FAIR, Upton 10:00am to 4:00pm (Saturday)

September 20th Members Displays - Emergency Services, Medicine and Health
October 4th Members Displays - Open Class Topics
October 6th Somerset & Dorset Federation Annual Competitions, Sherborne (Tuesday)
October 18th Guests: Blandford Club visit Us
November 1st Guest Graham Mark: "POWs in Britain in WW1"
November 15th Winter Auction
December 6th NO MEETING
December 20th Christmas Event, Party Night; Members displays of anything but stamps
January 3rd Members Displays - Women's Achievements; Bring + Buy/Bourse
January 17th Guest Mike Houchen and Friends:
February 7th Members Displays: Postcards
February 21st Guest John Willows: "Collecting Postcards - Why do I and Why did I start?"
March 7th Spring Auction
March 21st Competition Evening - Green, Novice, Barry Proctor and John Hilton Cups, & Bill Way Shield
April 4th Guests Brian Hunt: "Falkland Islands" and Bernard Paull "Alpha Romeo"
April 18th Competition entries displayed and awards
April 20th Ferndown Society's Annual Stamp Fair and Interclub Competition (Saturday) at the Hamworthy Club
May 2nd Guest David Muscroft: "English Provincial Banknotes"
May 16th Annual General Meeting, followed by social; single sheet from all
June 6th

Guest James Hooper: "Pneumatic Post in Vienna"

June 20th Summer Auction
July 4th Members Displays - Land, Sea and Sky
July 18th Guest Claire Scott: "Death by Post"
August 1st Members Displays - Flora and Fauna
August 15th Members Displays - V and W are for ......

September 7th 2019

ANNUAL STAMP FAIR, Upton 10:00am to 4:00pm (Saturday)


Meeting Reports

Thursday 3 January 2019
Members - Women's Achievements


There was a good turn-out for the first 2019 meeting, with nine members putting on displays. All admitted to having difficulty in finding interesting sets of stamps featuring Women who have made their names by Achieving great things for humanity. However, many sets from Great Britain were displayed, as were many from France, covering a broad range of art and science topics, as well as sport, royalty and entertainment. Stamps from Malta, Hungary and Tanzania also featured as did many about Coronation Street from islands around Britain.

Inez Solar from Malta, Writer, Artist and Musician, 1910-1974 Women featuring the embodyment of France, Liberty, Freedom and Equality
"A Cornish Holiday" by Dorothea Sharp 1874-1955, one of many works by female artists in the Russell-Cotes Museum Margaret Mead, American Anthropologist, featured in a Tanzania maxi-sheet of nine "Women of Achievement" Princess Beatrix of Holland featured as an inspirational role model on a Phillipine First Day Cover, 1966
Caroline Aigle, French Fighter Pilot 1917 War Widow and Orphans, the first French commemorative stamps featuring women Canadian stamp from 1951 - the only stamp ever to have described the future monarch as a Duchess

(chris wheeler)


Thursday 20 December 2018

Christmas Event, Party Night and Members' displays of anything but stamps

Over 20 members and guests attended the Christmas evening, enjoying the wide range of food and drink they had brought along. Once the meal was over Tony Arnold intoduced the Quiz portion of the evening with a "What is this?", followed by 76 pictures of items from the 1950s, though only part was shown or the pictures were from unusual angles. The winner got 44 right!! There were displays of beautiful ornate ceramic boxes, the full set of 2018 A to Z Great Britain 10p coins, fabulous model aeroplanes, buses and books on Falmouth which those present spent much time looking at.

Tony Arnold with this year's "What is this? The Quiz underway The ornate ceramic boxes
The 2018 A-Z 10p coin collection Beautifully made and decorated model aircraft Model London Buses

(chris wheeler)


15th November - Winter Auction

Another successful auction was held this evening, with happy sellers and buyers!


1st November 2018
Guest Graham Mark:
"POWs in Britain in WW1"

Few of the Club members attending this evening expected such an expansive and detailed analysis of the life of hostile internees and prisoners of war, nor that there were 70 major camps of all descriptions with 700 work sites where the occupants were employed around the country. Graham explained that his display was mainly postal history, with many letters and postcards showing the camps and work sites, but that the theme was the story of the people involved as much as the variety of postal markings.

The period covered was from mid-1914 to January 1920 when the last of the POWs left the country. Initially German nationals who had come to England to avoid being involved in the upcoming War were given the choice to leave or be interned. However the port of departure was Folkestone but those arriving their to return to Germany were mistakenly interned. Initially they were guarded by boy scouts. However after inmate protests started, soldiers took over this duty. Graham skilfully picked out many of the camps used during this period, explaining their use, duration and the sort of work those encarcerated were deployed in. One example was at Hackney Wick where tools and parts were manufactured and then assembled to make Vickers sewing machines. There was considerable movement of personnel between camps, and some were sent overseas whilst others were brought to England. He highlighted a home in North Wales used for detaing submariner officers, their escape and futile attempts to be rescued before being caught again. He spoke of the nine prison ships, and showed mail relating to all these types of holding facilities. His last frame dispayed propaganda letters developed by the British Government and dropped over the lines in Europe.

Bob Small kindly gave the vote of thanks, for an exceptional display, and the Chairman presented Graham with a certificate and bottle of wine.

Graham with his display Internees turned back at Folkestone Postcard of Scouts on guard duty in 1914
Cover with Horsham cancellation from the Christs Hospital School Camp, with Free Post inscription, July 1914 Cover to the Commandant at the Alexandra Palace Camp Cover from one of the Gravesend prison ships to the Aldershot Camp, January 1915
POWs exercising in the open at Dorchester Camp Sewing machine made by POWs at Hackney Wick Bob Small giving the vote of thanks

chris wheeler


Guests: Blandford Club visit Us
18 October 2018

Two members of the Blandford Forum and District Stamp Club visited us this evening, each giving a 90 sheet display on his chosen subject. Patrick Reeves, Club Secretary, started with Channel Islands as his topic, concentrating initially on the early stamps of Guernsey. He showed us a range of the 1d and 2d values from the Third Anniversary of Liberation issue, with its various watermarks, and plate flaws, its use in Guernsey and the eight authorised post offices on the mainland.
After the break, Mike Spencer, a Cyprus specialist, presented the "Refugee Issues", explaining why they were first needed, their ongoing use, and the reason for their contuinuance even today. He showed the initial study for the stamp first issued in 1977, with a photograph of the mother and child used for the stamp's design. Three different designs have been used and these were shown on covers and together on the miniature sheet issued in 1999.

Guernsey's first "airport", on the beach, initially used by the Occupation Forces

First Day Cover of the 1d value from the Third Anniversary Liberation Issue

First Day Cover with the two values, issued in Manchester, one of the eight mainland towns sanctioned to cancel these Guernsey stamps
Study of the design used every year from 1977 until today Cover with the Waddington's stamp, with the official slogan, 1987 Miniature sheet showing the three designs of Refugee Stamps

(chris wheeler)


Members Displays - Open Class Topics
4 October 2018

Mike Trickett opened the evening with a wide range of postal items about Paris, including a humorous postcard, old postcards, letters, covers, stamps and two fake postcards. Also included were some rarely found Tuck postcards of the City. Rick Wilmott followed with an exploration of space travel, including some now very hard to find items, including authenticated signature covers, and cancellations relating the Rusian space exploration. Mike Houchen's theme was Rescue at Sea and he presented two frames of stamps, covers, labels, advertising sheets, etc. from countries all round the world collected mainly on one of his trips. Ken Parrott displayed stamp issues from Malta from 1860 to 1951 including the perforated Specimen issues from 1930. A range of different-facing watermarks was included. Chris Wheeler displayed two frames illustrating the achievements of Isambard Kingdom Brunel with a range of philatelic and non-philatelic items. Finally we were delighted to have Bryan Cribb's display of postard scenes covering the unusually seen views of villages in Dorset, a tiny part of his massive collection.

A Fake Postcard with Fake Stamp from France Cover with authenticated signature of astronaut Yuri Gagrin Rescue at Sea - cover from Norway with imprint
Two 1930 Specimen stamps from Malta Postacrd (with view of Bristol Temple Meads) posted in 1904 Hhipton Gorfe, Dorset, one of many displayed of Forset scenes

chris wheeler


Thursday 20 September 2018
Members Displays - Emergency Services, Medicine and Health

Mike Houchen began the evening with three sheets covering the history of the RNLI on stamps, postcards and charts, closing with some covers from Lundy designed by one of the Club's previous members. Ken Parrott followed with a range of covers from various countries, each showing different aspects of healthcare and sickness prevention. Also included were stamps from round the world on medical themes,including some charity stamps, such as those from New Zealand. Chris Wheeler put up two frames of covers, some with letters and inserts, addressed to or from hospitals around the world used in general correspondence or commemorating their anniversaries. After the break, Michael Mawdsley displayed a range of stamps on medical issues from many countries, including the non-descript 8c Canada example below. Alan King concentrated on the first French Red Cross issues of 1914 and the orphan issues from 1917, and also sets of New Zealand Health stamps from 1929 to 1969. Finally MikeTrickett displayed a wide range of postcards and stamps covering many health-related topics including Finland's first Red Cross issues, and a set from Greece.

Isle of Man miniature sheet commemorating the RNLI Founder, Sir William Hillary Three letters to Royston Hospital's patient Mrs J Jury Parkes Drug Stores, London, postcard of shop frontage
Canada 8c stamp - World Health Day France - First Red Cross issues in 1914 Finland - First Red Cross issues in 1914
Finland - First Red Cross issues in 1914 France "Orphan" Charity stamps Rescue at Sea issue, extract showing the top perforation in morse code "SOS"

chris wheeler


Saturday 8th September, 2018

The Annual Stamp Fair took place with a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. Some buyers and dealers were very satisfied with the day's results, and the seven raffle prize winners returned home with happy smiles!

Setting up for the Fair Checking the Raffle Prizes

chris wheeler


6th September 2018 - Autumn Auction

Setting up

Although the number of participants was lower than usal, there was active bidding throughout the evening, and many attendees went away with heavy hauls of purchases, much to the sellers' relief! The new display layout was most successful.. Well done yet again to the auctioneer, his helpers and the accountants!

(chris wheeler)


To see reports from meetings since 1 November 2012, please click here


Future Meetings

Thursday 17 January 2019 Three Members Displays on Lundy, French Postcards and Space

The Club meets at the Upton Community Centre (next to St Dunstan's Church) in the evenings of the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7.15pm for 7.30pm.
Annual membership subscription is £6. For further details please contact:

Secretary:- Michael Mawdsley, email: michael.p.mawdsley@gmail.com

or Mike Houchen:- 01202 622873 (Local, Upton)



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